Here is what a few of our long-term customers have to say...


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I am the curator of two private collections and also manage a vintage sportscar racing team.  All the racing organizations ban the use of antifreeze in events, due to its slipperiness and potential resulting accidents if it leaks or is spilled on to the track during a race. We were faced with having to change coolant between water and antifreeze every time we ran an event, as we needed corrosion protection in the engines on a permanent basis. This led me to search for a quality corrosion protection product that we could use with water as a permanent coolant in the race cars. Constantly changing antifreeze every two years in the collection cars was a large and expensive process.

My research into coolant additives was not comforting. Most were sold as stop leak products with corrosion protection as a side benefit. We did not want to potentially clog our radiators with dubious quality materials and still not be sure of adequate corrosion protection. Speaking with representatives of these firms did not give me a sense of comfort. Luckily, I stumbled on to No-Rosion. It has been many years, but I recall finding you on the internet. I learned that your firm is the REAL DEAL and can support the effectiveness of your products with actual scientific test results, as opposed to the claims of what appear to be some snake-oyl competitors.

Using No-Rosion in the race cars has enabled us to achieve complete corrosion protection while meeting all track safety requirements, and eliminated unnecessary coolant changes. Being able to extend antifreeze change intervals from two to five years for the collection saved money and reduced shop labor requirements.

I also commend Jay Ross for his newsletters. They provide scientific analysis, explanations, and solutions for automotive cooling and fuel system problems. NOBODY else in the industry gives this type of no nonsense guidance to the users.






We have also adopted use of your Combustion Optimizer in cars that are not used often. We studied your claims for this product and then ran our own series of tests on different local fuels and found your product actually does perform. However, that is a story for another day.

Thank you again for helping address our cooling and fuel system needs in an objective, honest and clear manner and for the great products you provide to our industry. 

Dyke W. Ridgley, Ridgley Racing



To my fellow car nuts ---

It used to be that, every year, I suffered groans of agony over the ravages of ethanol when driving my Porsches --- and TRYING to start them after the winter---

Not anymore.  These days, not a single one has ANY problems --- all start easily & run 100% OK --- truly amazing.  No stuck fuel pump valves, no screwed up accelerator pumps, or check valves.  No restricted jets = all idle perfectly.  And mind you, this year, sadly, several were not run for an entire year.  Time flies ---

So, you might want to know the reason why: No-Rosion Fuel System Combustion Optimizer!  In addition to the ethanol fix, I really like the valve & combustion chamber clean up benefits it provides.  This is good stuff.

My final comment is that Stabil did not help me for the past few years, before I switched to No-Rosion --- things are definitely looking up!   Thanks Applied Chemical Specialties. 

Chuck Stoddard, Cleveland, OH

Mr. Stoddard has a long history in all things Porsche. His personal collection of street and race cars rivals that of the museum in Zuffenhausen.  To read more about him, click here.



Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

No-Rosion is the best product for cooling systems.  I have been using it in my customer Ferraris for more than a few years now, with excellent results.   

Antifreeze does NOT cool your engine!!   Running antifreeze actually causes your engine to run hotter.  Yes, the boiling point will be higher, BUT you are losing massive amounts of efficiency.  By running No-Rosion with straight water coolant, my customer Ferrari engines have lower head temps, which allows us to run more timing, and more load - all without having to switch to higher octane fuel. This equates to free horsepower!!   

One thing to consider is where the car will be stored during winter.  So some antifreeze may be necessary.  But I always recommend that my customers use only enough concentration for anticipated conditions.  I sometimes see customer cars come into my shop with enough antifreeze concentration to survive the coldest day in Alaska!  As my shop is located in southern California, I doubt any car I work on will ever be there during the winter! 

Regardless of whether straight water or some antifreeze is used, No-Rosion keeps the system clean, rust-free, and operating efficiently. The fact that it provides 100% corrosion protection, even when used in straight water engine coolant, provides meaningful performance benefits to Ferraris. Especially vintage ones, like this 1960 250 SWB.

Eric Sander, Ferrari Master Mechanic, Los Angeles, CA


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

To say I was shocked might be an overstatement, but I certainly was very pleasantly surprised.  
I vintage race a 1959 MGA, cast iron block and head.  Antifreeze is not permitted by sanctioning groups so my choices for a rust inhibitor are few.  A lot of racers seem to use Water Wetter.  I've usually run with straight water and end the season with a rusty, sludgy mess - so bad that I must resort to mechanical means to clean the water chambers during the winter refresh.  

With nothing to lose, I tried the No-Rosion Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor this year.  Today, with freezing temperatures forecast, I drained the race car's cooling system.  While I expected the No-Rosion to provide some improvement, I did not expect the coolant to be pristine.  There was absolutely no evidence of rust in the fluid at all.  It was the same pinkish color as it was when I filled the system in May.  
The real proof, however, was the engine's block drain.  This drain is situated at the lowest point in the water jacket and is the first place that fills up with crud from rusting internals.  Coolant never flows out of that drain!  I've found it completely blocked up within one or two weeks of filling the system.   With the No-Rosion, the coolant flowed out of the block drain as soon as I removed the plug. That was the first time ever!

In any event, thanks for a great product that suits my straight water coolant racing application very well.

Jeff Sienkiewicz, New Milford, CT


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

Every Fall I add a bottle of the No-Rosion Combustion Optimizer to each of the fuel tanks of my vintage Porsches.  And every Spring, they start.  Without fail.

For many years, before I found No-Rosion, I had issues with spring start-ups.  Not anymore. I also run No-Rosion Octane Booster during the summer heat.  It helps prevent detonation, and compensates for the shortcomings of todays junk gasoline. Especially in my race car.

I am glad I found No-Rosion, and plan on continuing to use it as long as I have my cars.

Thank you,

Dr. Robert Lynde, Chicago, IL


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have been using No-Rosion in the cooling systems of my cars since 1996. This includes my 1937 supercharged Cord, plus my 1996 Suburban, which is my car trailer puller. I have owned the Cord since 1967, and the Suburban since 1999.

My son and I have recently finished a 1960 Corvette and we have No-Rosion in it also.

Your products are absolutely fantastic! After the normal time lapse, doing yearly additions of the product, AND using a good quality water (not distilled or tap), the coolant looks as good when you remove it as it did when first installed. All other products of yours have been excellent without exception.

By way of background, the Cord is an extremely high point show car, and has received awards at almost every show in existence. It is regularly judged between 98.75 points and 99.50 points at the National Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club West Coast and National Meets, as well as the Classic Car Club of America Grand Classics.

I am a past National Vice President, and Assistant Chief Judge, with the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club. I take my cars very seriously, and drive them every week. Usually early in the morning - and usually 15 to 20 miles. We miss some weeks, but not very many.

When used in straight water coolant, No-Rosion reduces the coolant temperature as well. This product is absolutely fantastic, and performs as advertised. It provides exceptional benefit to those of us who run with straight water coolant, and don't require antifreeze. These old cars run so much better without antifreeze.

I highly recommend your product to anyone interested.


Bruce Hanson, Phoenix, AZ


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

Please allow me to tell you about my '47 Packard Super Clipper. It has had No-Rosion coursing through its veins since the very inception of your product. When the radiator cap does come off, which is not often because your product flawlessly does what it is supposed to do, I find the innards to be impeccably corrosion-free!   

Proud to be a long-term user of your products. And enjoy semi-annual receipt of your technically superlative newsletters.  Be assured that whatever you send me, I in turn share with a disparate group of gearheads, whether their rolling alter egos are from the 1930s and '40s, '50s, or "modern" fare.  I share your info even with a friend at the office who still drives weekly the '78 Fiat 124 Spider he bought new.

Meanwhile, I remain glad to extol the virtues of No-Rosion. When I find a good product that helps preserve our survivors, I like to send it all the business I can. Monumental peace of mind having a quality product like yours to help protect our survivors.  Prosit!


Mike Scott, Walnut Creek, CA


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have been using No-Rosion and spring water as the coolant in my beloved 1936 Cord since I became aware of the product decades ago. My Cord, whose name is "Moonshadow," is arguably the most traveled Cord in the world. I have personally driven it 85,000 miles in the past 28 years, through 31 states and nine countries on three continents. (The photo below shows Moonshadow during a rally through Italy in 1998.) When the engine was rebuilt about ten years ago, the experienced mechanic pronounced it the cleanest cooling system he had ever seen.

Others have offered similar opinions of No-Rosion's effectiveness. My story, however, is about customer service.

I recently had the Cord's engine torn down to repair a faulty camshaft. The technicians found heavy white deposits on piston tops and exhaust valves, as well as in the water passages of the head and block. More was found in the radiator bottom tank. All, including me, were seriously concerned.

An e-mail to Applied Chemical Specialties got an immediate response from the president of the company. He listed the possible causes of such a problem, and instructed me to mail a sample of the coolant to his lab. He solicited information on the brand of water I was using, and confirmed that it met his company's standards. All this while he was on a business trip to Maylasia!

A week later the lab report came back indicating that sulfate levels were more than three times the accepted maximum. Sulfates react with water to form sulphuric acid. Their presence could only be caused by combustion byproducts entering the cooling system. Close examination of the head gaskets and mating surfaces revealed seepage. With proper assembly, this will not occur again.

Receiving such professional customer support is all too rare these days. Applied Chemical Specialties deserve the highest plaudits for their excellent product and outstanding follow-up.


Josh B. Malks, Capitola, CA

Besides driving his Cord, Josh writes books about the marque. His latest is "Cord Complete", a 304 page, 10" x 14" leatherbound volume that's intended to be THE reference work on the Cord.


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

My wife of nearly 40 years teases that she's not sure which is older, me or our 1958 Mercedes 300 SL. I tell her that she can always do a trade-in for a newer model, but it will cost her. And I'm not talking about the car. 

I have been using your product since learning about it during a visit to the States some years ago. It is not always easy finding it here in Germany. But very much worth the effort.

Your product has kept the cooling system in my car cleaner than it has ever been. Before I began to use your product, I drained and flushed the system every 2 years. And every time I did, that last bit of coolant came out brown with corrosion. No more! Since switching to your product, I now find it possible to drain and flush every 5 years. And when I do, the coolant comes out looking the same as when I put it in.

I suggest you expand your distribution here in Germany. It is much needed, and very much appreciated by customers like me.

Warm greetings from,

Mathias Bucher, Cologne, Germany


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

As you may have heard, we have some of the finest liquids here in Germany. Most come in tall liter glasses, many of which are served during the month of Oktober.

But there is one other liquid of which I have grown quite fond. And it is not the kind that ends up in a mug. Rather, it is the one that has been in the cooling system of my scarlet-hued baby for the last many years.

During our spirited summer road rallies through the Alps, I always tell other Ferrari owners why my car runs cooler than it used to. Straight water and No-Rosion is the way to go. I now drive with fewer worries than I did before I began using your fine product.

Mit Freundlichen Gruessen, 

Juergan Hammermueller, Munich, Germany


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have been a happily satisfied customer of No-Rosion products since the beginning and invention of your product! I use it in all my cars, to include a 1988 Mercedes Benz 560, two 1958 Chevys, 2004 RAV4, 1998 Mazda 2500, 1989 Jaguar XJ6, 1989 Mustang, and 1987 Camaro. I have owned the 1958 Chevys since 1982, and all other cars I have purchased new.

Since beginning to use your products, I have had ZERO trouble in the cooling systems! Quite simply, I'm 100% satisfied!

I drive my cars to a wide variety of antique, classic, hot rod, and muscle car shows and drag races. In fact, my 1958 Chevys are class champions in shows and in drags!

I just want to thank you for a great product! I am quickly spreading the word here in Puerto Rico, and look forward to many more years of doing business with you.

Your friend and good customer,

Tony Garriga, Guynabo, PR


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have owned my 1956 GMC Series 100 Pickup for nearly 20 years, but only recently completed restoration 10 years ago. At that time, I began using No-Rosion in the cooling system. As near as I can tell, the radiator is original, so I was most anxious to preserve it. I change the coolant every 4 years, and add No-Rosion every year. The results have certainly been as you have advertised, and I look forward to more years of trouble free operation.

I show the truck in local car shows and I have a shelf full of first place trophies.

My wife and I also have a 1965 Ford Thunderbird that we have owned for 5 years.  I keep No-Rosion in this car as well. In the past 15 to 18 years I have owned a 1953 Packard, and a 1969 Ford Ranchero and they all got the No-Rosion treatment. I pass on supplies of No-Rosion to any family members with old cars. It is a good product and I have faith in it not only for my "old timers," but my 1996 Jeep as well!

Thank you for a fine product.

George Field, Richmond, VA


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have been using No-Rosion for just short of 15 years, and have been extremely satisfied. I have used it in a 1931 Ford Model A, a 1946 Ford Convertible, and now in my 1951 Ford Convertible. Since I live in Florida, I use it with straight water with very good results. The system runs cooler, and stays completely free of corrosion.

I have owned my 1951 for 5 years and have shown it in a number of shows, including the local Naples, Marco Island AACA, and won both a second and a first place award. I drive my car once or twice a week for a total of about 2,000 miles per year.

No-Rosion is the best rust inhibitor I've ever used.

Sincerely Yours,

Erwin Stegmaier, Marco Island, FL


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have been using No-Rosion for about 20 years. In that time, I have had two older Chevies, a 1951 Fleetline, and a 1954 Chevy Delray. I have used your products in all of my cars, to include my 2003 PT Cruiser daily driver. During this entire time, I have NEVER had to replace any water pumps, radiators, hoses, or any other cooling system parts. You have a great product, and I recommend it to my car friends.

Here is a fun fact: My 1954 Chevy 210 was in a movie starring Julie Roberts, called Mona Lisa Smiles.

Thank you.

Bob Robinson, Londonderry, NH


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I've been a user of your product in my 1960s classic cars for years.  Over time and sitting, engines and radiators can be a real problem.  But mine are essentially corrosion-free due to use of your No-Rosion product. 

Since my friend Larry has an old street rod, I told him about your product.  He is now using it not only in his cars, but the heating fluid system of his old boat!  Cars are a problem, but boats are a PROBLEM!

So, you have two happy customers here in the Great Northwest.

Jeff Ohlson, Seattle, WA


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I am a collector of Detomaso automobiles, which are notorious for overheating problems.  Some years back, I went searching for the best automotive coolant product available. I discovered No-Rosion, and started using your products with straight water coolant -- with immediate results!  I realized a drop of 10 degrees in each of my cars, while still having complete corrosion protection.  These cars are driven on weekends, and I now have zero overheating issues. 

Two of my friends with V-8 conversion import trucks had overheating problems. They converted to straight water coolant plus No-Rosion, and solved their issues as well.  I attend weekly local car meetings, and have been introducing No-Rosion products to the local car scene.  Since my cars are driven only a few miles each week, I have started using No-Rosion Oil Passivator to help preserve my car’s infrequently used engines. 

No-Rosion products are the best available, and your customer service is second to none!

Dennis Yogi, Aiea, HI


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have owned my 1950 Ford Convertible for over 20 years, and first started using your No-Rosion additive back in the late 1990's. Since then, the cooling system has remained impeccably clean -- with no corrosion, and fantastic, efficient heat transfer.  Having a properly functioning cooling system is important to me, because I drive my car to many local meets during the summer.  I am a member of the Early Ford V8 Club of America, and also attend many Western National V8 Club meets, and have won two Dearborn awards for this car.

During the summer, I run your product with straight water. In the winter, I drain the coolant to make sure it does not freeze, even though it is garaged. I stay away from Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol because I am concerned about seepage and subsequent bearing damage, etc.

I recommend your product every chance I get.

Thank you,

Ken Check, Eugene, OR


Dear Applied Chemical Specialties,

I have been using No-Rosion Cooling System Inhibitor in my two 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawks since March 1998. In all that time, I've never had any cooling system problems. I live in a warm weather climate where the temperatures hover in the mid to upper 90s all summer. Yet both cars always run cool with no hint of overheating. Every January, I add a pint of No-Rosion to the cooling system of each car, with a drain and flush every five years.

I'm not a mechanic, but I can tell you this: When I remove the radiator cap, and look down into the radiator, everything is clean.  There is absolutely zero of the brownish that I used to get before I started using this product. No-Rosion has been doing everything it was designed to do, and certainly saves me the trouble of replacing the antifreeze every other year, as I used to.

I'm sticking with No-Rosion until someone or something proves I should do otherwise. Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen!

Frank Ambrogio, Sorrento, FL



My name is Bob Ross.  I have not been using this product for years... I've been using it for decades. Back before it was even called "No-Rosion," every year I used to get a pickle jar full of what was then referred to as "that boiler chemical" from my brother, Jerry. This process began in the late 1970s. It was used in my 1971 Pontiac Trans Am 455 HO, as well as my 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30. I ordered and purchased both of these cars brand new. So they've had the various versions of the No-Rosion products in their cooling systems for upwards of 30 years.

As of today, the Trans Am has 45,000 original miles, and the 442 has a total of just over 18,000 original miles. Both cars are 100% original (to include paint), and retain their factory original heater cores and radiators. I think what I'm trying to say is that this product works.

Oh I know the formula has changed and been improved over the years. That's why I continue to use it in all my cars, to include my 2001 BMW 540i, 2001 Lexus IS 300, and 1970 Chevelle SS454. The Chevelle is heavily modified, and makes somewhere around 550 horsepower. It gets straight water coolant with the proper dose of HyperKuhl, and the other cars all get No-Rosion.

I'm happy to see that other car collectors have been able to see the same great benefits as I have over these many years.


Bob Ross, Omaha, NE 

"Uncle Bob" is a beloved member of the Applied Chemical Specialties family. He passed away on February 24, 2011. He is deeply missed by us, and everyone who knew him.


DID YOU KNOW...   No-Rosion was in the cooling systems and fuel systems of ten award-winning classics at the 2022 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!

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